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What We Do —

We deliver specialist solutions at speed to help address healthcare challenges in the UK.

From making theatres more efficient for more than 60 hospitals, improving patient safety and NHS finances through clinical coding and supporting the management of pharmacies and private practices, to providing critical medical communications for drugs and device companies or supporting population health to prevent long term illnesses – we empower professionals to deliver the best care possible.

Connecting People

We have over 1000 brilliant minds across Clanwilliam working together to solve healthcare challenges. We promote a culture of collaboration, problem solving and the sharing of ideas to maximise on our strengths and develop our talent.

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Connecting Products

Connectivity between products can be crucial to improving the flow of patient information, outcomes and experience. We actively promote open and collaborative integration within our own products, and those of other partners, that lead to greater efficiencies.

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Connecting Places

Our unique global view enables us to introduce technology and services from one location to another, learning from different healthcare markets and ensuring as many as possible can benefit from those innovations.

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